New Motorcycle Laws

Changes in the bike laws shouldn't need to put you off passing your test.

There are still real benefits to tarring up those L-Plates.

The training you will receive will equip you for the ever-present dangers associated with riding a bike.

The skills you learn will increase your abilities, giving you the respect from other motorists.

But the thing that makes the most sense is that the discounts you could get from your insurance company may just pay for your training and tests. These discounts obviously carry over to the rest of your riding career.

The changes may seem that the government are trying to spoil fun for the young. But in reality the government are just doing their bit to try to protect the safety of vulnerable riders. (Statistically, the young.)

Reading the official legislation for the new motorcycle laws has lead to some confusion so listed below are the basics in plain English.

Category A1, Entry level for riders aged between 17 and 18.

Rider's aged between 17 and 18 will need to take their test on a 125cc bike. Once you have passed you will be restricted to a 125cc. L-Plates can be removed and you can take pillion passengers. Motorways will be opened for you and you will be one step closer to riding larger bikes if you want to later.

Category A2, Mid level for rider aged between 19 and 24.

This category is taking your test on a bike no smaller than a 400cc with a power output between 25 and 35kw restricting riders to any size bike with a power output not exceeding 35kw.

If you are upgrading from an A1 licence, you will not need to re-sit your CBT or Theory test.

Taking this option at 19 will allow the rider to upgrade to a full category A status after two years (21).

Category A, Large capacity bikes. The age for Direct Access Scheme (DAS) has risen to 24 years of age. Other than the age increase the only other real difference is you can't test on the 500cc bikes that most schools have been using. You will now need to take your test on a 600cc bike with a power output no less than 40kw until Dec 2013 when the minimum power output raises to 50kw.

Again, if you are upgrading from an A1 or A2 licence you will not need to re-sit your CBT or Theory test.

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