Compulsory Basic Training Course (CBT)

With over 20 years experience, Compass Motorcycle Training offer a proffessional Compulsory Basic Training Course (CBT) for motorcycle training in and around Chesterfield

CBT is a course that was introduced in 1990 to reduce accidents among new riders.

The course has been designed to give a complete novice a degree of basic training before taking to the road. The training is split into the 5 modules that follow: -

  • Element A, Introduction.

We start by talking through the aims of the course and then look at your licence and check your eyesight. So ensure that your licence is valid for the training you are to take and that you can read a standard size car registration plate in good light from 67 feet (20.5 meters).

We also talk you through the different types of clothing and riding equipment available to keep you safe and legal.

  • Element B, Familiarization of the bike's controls.

We now show you how the bike works and where everything is. We also look at basic checks to ensure the roadworthiness of the bike, for instance, whether or not there is enough oil in the engine and the tyres are pumped up to the correct pressures, and so on. Simple stuff, but important.

  • Element C, Practical on site riding.

Now's where we sit you on a bike and begin teaching you how to move off and stop safely, how and when to change up and down the gears, ride at a slow walking pace maintaining your balance with your feet on the foot pegs, how to stop real quick for emergencies and how to negotiate left and right turns. All of the above will be conducted in a fenced off area isolated from any traffic and pedestrians. This gives you the opportunity to concentrate purely on what you are doing. We can also video parts of this training to allow you the opportunity to see what your instructor sees. This is a great way for you to see the progress that you have made, as well as being able to see for yourself the improvements that you may need to make.

  • Element D, Road Briefing.

Before taking your newly learnt skills out onto the road, your instructor will talk through a number of topics on road safety to ensure that you are prepared in your mind for life on the road as a motorcyclist. You will also be shown videos illustrating the things covered by your instructor.

  • Element E, Practical on Road Training.

When both you and your instructor agree that you have gained enough practice to safely train on the road, you will be fitted out with a radio so that your instructor can talk to you on the move, then you will undergo a mandatory 2 hours training and assessment out on the road to measure your ability to ride safely by yourself for the next 2 years. When your instructor is happy that you are safe, you will be awarded a DL196 (C.B.T.) certificate. This validates the provisional entitlement of your licence for a period of 2 years to date. Within this time, you are advised to take further training and pass your practical test. If you wish not to, you simply re-take your C.B.T. in 2 years time.

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