Scotland Motorcycle Tour

Join Compass Motorcycle Training in 2017 as we take a motorcycle tour across Scotland

Following the success of 2016’s Scotland courses, we are looking at 2017’s diary.

We are planning one residential course each month starting in April.

The format of the course is run over 7 days of which 5 are spent riding to Inverness Test centre totalling in around 1500 miles of some of the most spectacular roads and scenery the UK has to offer.

Day 1 - 

As with all courses we start with Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

You may have already completed your CBT. You won’t need to re-take this day if your CBT certificate is still valid.

If you are unsure what is involved on CBT, click here. Your CBT day will be scheduled one month prior to the residential part of the course.

Motorcycle Theory Test

Before we set off on the residential part of the course, you will need a valid theory pass certificate.

If you are unsure what the motorcycle theory test involves, click here.

Your theory test will be scheduled one month prior to the residential part of the course.

Day 2 - Introduction To The Big Bikes

Luggage loaded we take the big bikes onto our training area to get a feel for the controls.

This normally only takes an hour but if you need a couple, that’s fine too.

Now we have a feel for the controls and extra weight, we can start the first leg of our trip.

No motorways allowed!

Our first destination is Kendal in the Lake District. Kendal is 125 miles away from Clay Cross and will take around 6 hours including rest stops.

Day 3 - No Need For Passports, yet..... 

Our next destination is another 6 hours ride, coming up through and crossing the boarder at Grenta Green and continuing on through Dumfries and on to Kilmarnock in the west coast. 

Stopping at Glasgow at the Travelodge near the city's International Airport where we will spend the evening discussing the days events and riding over dinner. 

Day 4 - Cameras At The Ready

Next day we'll be up and at 'em and heading upwards towards Greenock where we jump on a short ferry ride to Kilcreggan.

We then continue north via Loch Lomand and onto Fort William.

From here we continue north via Loch Ness and going up to our next distination and overnight stay at Inverness.

Again we will discuss the days riding and events over dinner.

Day 5 - No Cone Killers Allowed

Starting early doors at Inverness' Multi-purpose Test Centre, we will practice the Module 1 manoeuvres  in preparation for the test on Day 6.

Right Of Passage 

We will have 2 hours to practice on site before heading out to Braemar, experiencing roads that can only be discribed as "rollercoasterish" - putting the skills you've developed across the past few days. 

From Braemar will will continue to Scotland's capital city Edinburgh where we will spend the night in the beautiful city centre (kilts optional) and discuss  the day's events.

Day 6 - Test Day 

Another early start - documents in hand. You will be given the chance to show your examiner all the skills you have gained across the past few days in motorcycle control are sufficient to ensure the safety of their cones!

With your Pass Certificate in hand, it's time to begin our journey home.

From Edinburgh, we will be crossing the boarders and on to Jedburgh, Newcastle, York and home to Clay Cross.

Some 270 miles still avoiding the motorways! 

Day 7 - The Main Event

Chesterfield Test Centre offers you the chance to show our local examiner the skills and knowledge accquired from this fabulous experience.

With a little local practice of Chesterfield's roundabouts in the morning, your Mod 2 test will take place in the afternoon. 

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