A1 Licence

Compass Motorcycle Training based in Chesterfield are here to help you with your A1 Licence test preparations

A1 Restricted licences are aimed mainly at riders who wish to have a full motorcycle licence, but do not intend ride a motorcycle with an engine bigger than a 125cc.

At the age of 17, you may conduct training and pass your test on a 125cc machine. You must wait until you reach the age of 19 to ride larger bikes on the road (A2 Licence category).

Upon passing your test, you can remove your L.Plates, carry pillion passengers as well as ride on motorways.

You must not ride bikes larger than 125cc of up to 11kW until you reach the age of 19 and even then, a qualified Direct Access (DAS) instructor must accompany you until you re-take and pass your A2 Licence tests.

  • Day 1

As with all of the training we start with the CBT course.

Motorcycle Theory and Hazard Perception Test

As part of our comprehensive package we will arrange your test at a time and test centre of your convenience. You will make your own way to the theory test centre.

  • Day 2

All but 1 of the Mod 1 manoeuvres will have been practiced on your CBT so we should be able to spend most of the day on the road further developing your road based skills for Mod 2.

We will then return to the training centre to practice the Hazard Avoidance Manoeuvre (Swerve). If you like we could practice any of the other manoeuvres again throughout the day.

  • Day 3

We will spend the morning further developing your road based skills with a few of the manoeuvres on route to the practical test centre. A DVSA examiner will conduct your Mod 1 test.

Although we don't teach test routes, we will show you and allow time for practice on some of the more tricky junctions that you may encounter on your Mod 2 test.

  • Day 4

With further practice for Mod 2 throughout the morning, your Mod 2 test takes place in the afternoon.

Although this course could be conducted over a single week, we recommend a 2 week gap between each test. There is a lot to learn.

If you are unsuccessful with the Theory test we need time to re-schedule Mod 1 and 2 test so as not to loose the test fees.

The same applies to the Mod 1 test. We think this is an unnecessary distraction during your training.

This also allows us to conduct a little more training should you find that you have bitten off a little too much to chew.

Advice before starting your training

  • The more you understand about the rules and advice given in the Highway Code, the more miles we can put on the bikes.
  • If your instructor needs to pull you into the side of the road every 15 minutes to talk about the issues that you could have done your homework on, you probably wont be able to put the miles on the bike that we could have.
  • Do take a little time to do your homework before you arrive.
  • Although we do not plan to have a tumble, sometimes it can't be avoided. Please consider what you wear.
  • Although we would like to see you in motorcycle equipment from head to foot we are unable to supply boots or trousers for hygiene reasons. Boots with ankle support is important.
  • You don't have to fall off to twist your ankle. Denim or denim like trousers are required as a minimum protection.

Rome wasn't built in a day, so unless you have firm foundation of riding a bike safely on today's busy roads, avoid trying to save money on training you really need.

The best way of saving money is to fully understand the Highway Code.

For more information and to book lessons to help pass your A1 Licence, call Compass Motorcycle Training